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[icon icon=”fa fa-wrench” position=”icon-center” title=”Chamfering” url=”/services/chamfering/”]Chamfering is used primarily in the forging markets. Putting a chamfer on the ends of the forged rod can prevent stress cracks during the forging process.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-wrench” position=”icon-center” title=”Mechanical Polishing” url=”/services/mechanical-polishing/”]Mechanical polishing is used to smooth welds, prepare metal surfaces for electropolishing, or provide a surface with a specified roughness.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-wrench” position=”icon-center” title=”Extrusions” url=”/services/extrusions/”]We supply aluminum extrusions; rods, squares, angles, pipe, tube, sheet, hexagon, channel, and custom extrusions to machine shops, home projects, and OEM customers.[/icon]

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